Welcome to Business Thinking 3.0

Welcome, and great to have you on board. We’ve designed this Program to help you be up to date on the most important shifts that are transforming our business landscape.

If you want to get your business perspective quickly up to the pace of this lightning fast economy, then this program is a great way to kickstart.

The internet is a great place to find information on trends, but it’s terrible for focus. Not every “hot trend” really matters, and your free time is limited. This program is built on the idea that instead of drowning in tweets and newsletters you simply show up and through the one program we’ve prepared for you.

Martin Hoffmann has brought his many years of experience as private equity investor into this program identifying the shifts that matter and sorting out those who don’t. As a result, we will uncover the most important trends in Business, Innovation and Culture that are reshaping the playing field for businesses.

The program will come in three parts:

Part 1: Key Patterns of the Transformed Environment – The New Success Factors

  • To begin with, we lay the foundation. We will explore why the cornerstone of the Industrial Age, the Economic Moat has disappeared. We will uncover the new success factors that successful businesses can build on today.

Part 2: Diving Deeper into the New Rules of Business

  • We will then go behind the scenes of some businesses through case studies which will teach us about the new unit economics as well as the new architecture of business.

Part 3: Business as Science vs. Business as an Art Form

  • Finally, we will build on the learnings from the previous chapters to see how we need to adopt business structures for this new environment. Most importantly, we will debate how to balance the new challenge of running a business as science vs business as an art form.

By the end of this program you know exactly where to focus your efforts, how business models are shifting and what drives their success.

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