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Update your Business Thinking to the Speed of Change

The Rules of Business are like an Operating System, which Companies need operate. As we moved from the Industrial Age, this Operating System has been updated. Once an Operating System is updated, we also need to update the Application software, our Business Thinking.


Our Mission: Strip Away the Noise to help you Uncover Key Patterns of Change

Make Sure you are in Sync with Change

The Operating System of how businesses are run (Business OS) has been updated. While the business environment has seen continuous updates since the Industrial Revolution, this is a major release.

This update has caused severe compatibility issues with other components of the business ecosystem. In particular, we have found that the application layer, our current business thinking,  including the strategy development and the management of companies, that has been developed through the industrial Age, has faced increasing difficulties communicating with the underlying Business OS.

  Unfortunately, support from its initial developers has expired. Most notably, one of its key brains behind current business thinking, Michael Porter has retired quite some time ago.

Users who run on these outdated versions will find themselves forced to run updates or be disconnected from the current Business OS. Research has found that the majority of businesses still run on outdated versions.

Therefore we have constructed BIClabs as portal that enables you to continuously update your systems, providing you an edge over your competitors through smooth synchronisation with the reality of a changing business ecosystem.

To make your systems work seamlessly, we have provided the beta of this free update for you.

If you have already experienced compatibility issues, you should click the box below to start the the update now. If you want to  see if your business thinking is compatible with the update, read the system requirements below


Business 3.0

The operating system of businesses has seen significant performance improvements. The operations of businesses used to be fairly inflexible and mostly hardware based. This has been improved through a number of changes in innovation and culture, including not only technology development, but also a shifting media landscape and consumer behaviour. As a result of this overhaul, the whole system has become more dynamic and virtual, relying less on the availability of hardware components, such as factories or retail stores.

In the past 20 years, we as consumers not only went from shopping in a retail store to ordering online and mobile. Along the way we shifted from buying products to purchasing the same stuff as services, we started to communicate with websites, with apps and bots, while we have become hotel operators, full-time content producers, curators as we host, record, like, share and comment on the social media ecosystem. New technologies and new types of business models were just some of the drivers that have enabled this massive shift.

Along with this came a dramatic change of the success factors of businesses.

Building cars has become a software task, the biggest marketing agency started out as a social network and our movie and music stores now mostly hire data scientists. Resources are being reshuffled and the playing field is whirling like a drunken sailor at sea. How easy is it to make sense of this new world? As easy as it is to teach a cat to use the toilet seat. As we see, yesterday’s monopolies start courting startups and building incubators and untested startups receive sky rocketing valuations while investors’ opinions are divided over whether there is already enough substance for such valuations.

While classic economic moats don’t do the trick anymore, today’s success is based on a new set of factors.

The Update Features

This is Update consists of a 5 Module Series, highlighting the key transformations of our business ecosystem. We will figure out what the new success factors are and how sustainable they are. We will explore whether and why new types of business models work, and how the architecture and unit economics of businesses are changing.

Most importantly however we want you to stay sharp in an environment that keeps evolving. This new Operating System is in constant beta. Focusing on some hot topics is only of short term help, if at all. Instead, to stay sharp in this tornado of change curiosity, learning and growing need to become essential part of our lifes. 

We are aware that you have a busy life. Keeping up with change is challenging, and not all attention grabbing headlines will tell you what is most important. Therefore, we will focus on the most important patterns of change. We track the big shifts, which we combine with a methodological approach to enable you to keep pace with change by updating your toolkit by yourself.

In other words, we help you strip away the noise to focus on what matters most, and helping you put the daily news into the appropriate context.

Think of BIClabs as your portal to ongoing change that will help you quickly navigate around the updated rules of business.

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This 5-Module Mini Series is

Clarintelligence, our sister imprint, provides a Curriculum for Business Thinking in the 21st Century.

System Requirements

You get instant access to this free update. However as many good things, this update is better consumed in small doses. It is a Marathon, not a sprint and we don’t want you to run out of steam. More important we want you to keep focus by breaking down one topic at a time, to keep the whole system stable.

Therefore we have prepared a 5-step email series for you. Every Sunday morning you will receive an email with around 20 minutes of read outside of your daily routine. This enables you to not only to read, but also to digest, reflect, implement and grow. Like with most major software updates, we also need to learn to work with it.

In addition, by signing up and logging in, you will get additional useful benefits. You will get access to forums of like-minded people at the forefront of change to discuss business models, success factors or the key shifts that are happening. The website also will remember wherever you left off reading in case you want to return at another time.

Plus, over time we will keep adding in-depth case studies on each of the changes to show you why the winning companies of the 21st century do the voodoo that they do so well. Needless to say that you will be among the fortunate ones to get updates on these case studies.


The Update Package

Part 1: The Trainsformed Environment

  • To begin with, we lay the foundation. We will explore why traditional Economic Moats have disappeared. We will explore the new differentiators that successful businesses build on today.

Part 2: Updating the Structure of Businesses

  • Then we will look at how those big shifts lead to changes in organisation structures and decision making processes. We will assess, why leftovers from the Industrial Age hinder innovation in many corporations, how to remove roadblocks and why we need to balance the science and the art of business.

Part 3: Updating the Workings of Businesses

  • We will build on the learnings from previous chapters and update our thinking to the new rules. We will look into the new types of business models, new unit economics, the new success factors and the new architecture of business. 
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