IRRlabs is an imprint of Business & Investor Labs GmbH, which is founded by Martin Hoffmann. Martin is a former private equity professional turned founder and mentor.

Martin is on a quest to help decision makers navigate an era of constant transformation by providing them with context and clarity. We provide expert knowledge and business thinking for investors and managers.

He is not the typical Wall Street guy. Having graduated in law, he spent most of his career as a private equity professional. The mid market private equity funds that he worked for invested funds on behalf of Tier One investment banks as well as Ivy League university endowments.


Martin’s path from law to investing formed his structured approach to analysis, which builds the basis for a balanced decision-making. However to that traditional analytic approach Martin ads a broader perspective on business analysis.

This broader perspective is reflected in Martin’s journey from the abstract law to the hands-on private equity and then to the even more operational entrepreneurship. He combines the ability to see the big picture but also to narrow in on the operations of a business. In particular his private equity mid-market experience enabled him to work closely with both senior as well as second level management of portfolio companies. In addition he worked with seasoned industry executives and experts who supported due diligences across a large number of industries. This experience formed his hands-on, operational analysis approach, combining an operational view and a sound understanding of the economics of a business with the helicopter perspective built through having seen many different industries.

This professional left-brain background is complemented by his personal creative outlet, photography, as well as his passion for all things creative.

Martin perceives such a broad perspective to be fundamental for analyzing businesses in fast changing markets. It helps describe the patterns of change that are happening in business and in how companies operate.


Most business analysis is done the same way it was done since the Industrial Age. The problem with that is, we don’t live in that world anymore. Businesses have changed since then. With the information age we have entered an era of transformation, driven by the rapid pace of technological and social change. As markets have become more dynamic than ever, this has a huge impact on the success factors of businesses. Accordingly our approach to analyzing companies has to change as well. Understanding change has become the great need of our time.

Through IRRlabs, Martin sets out to elevate the discussion from one, which was founded in a stable and predictable world to one suited for a world of accelerated change. His aim is to help decision makers such as investors and managers organize their thinking about changes, giving them a clearer picture of where success factors of businesses are heading. And he wants you to get up to the speed of change.

IRRlabs is about Industries Ripe for Rethinking.

Exlore IRRlabs to read about patterns of change that happen across industries, leading to new rules of business

In addition, Upcoming Books and tools will help decision makers such as investors and managers structure their analysis and daily work.

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